What is the secret behind the hole in the wall?

Ben (played by Samuel Johnson) lives an isolated life as he struggles to forge his own identity. Overwhelmed by memories from the past, he carries the burden of a profound secret that has affected him his entire life. When a strange hole appears in his wall, Ben is shocked by what he sees on the other side. Now he has a decision to make that could change his life forever.

Hole in the wall is a powerful and inspirational film that explores the painful journey of letting go.

This dark drama was funded under the Pacific Film and Television Commission's "Jumpstart" initiative for $30,000. The film was written and directed by Peter Hegedus.

Awards WINNER Best Male Actor at Queensland Short Film Festival November (2006)
WINNER Best Screenplay at Queensland Short Film Festival November (2006)
NOMINATED for Best Producer, Best Editing, Best Sound Design
FINALIST St Kilda Film Festival June (2006)
FINALIST SNOWYFEST Film Festival June (2006)

Voted in the Top 10 at Brisbane International Film Festival (2005)

Festivals Anchorage Film Festival, Alaska, USA December (2006)
Poppy Jasper Film Festival, California, USA November (2006)
Queensland Shorts Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia November (2006)
SHORTS Film Festival, Adelaide, Australia November (2006)
Home Brewed, Melbourne, Sydney, Australia November (2006)
CineFest,Budapest, Hungary September (2006)
Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia July (2006)
St Kilda Film Festival Melbourne Australia June (2006)
SNOWYfest - Thredbo Australia June (2006)
Cleveland International Film Festival USA March (2006)
Canberra Short Film Festival Australia October (2002)
VizFeast Australian Cinematographers Society Film Festival Brisbane Australia (2006)
Brisbane International Film Festival Brisbane Australia July (2005)